Mystic Tan

UV Free, Sunless MYSTIC TAN

Sun City Tanning is excited to offer Mystic Tan for our
clients who need a fast tan or would like to avoid UV rays.  Mystic Tan
is not your Mother's spray tan.  It is a revolutionary spray tan process
providing a natural, bronze glow in just 60 seconds. Uniform amounts of Mystic
Tan Tanning Myst are applied to the entire body creating a healthy and even

No Streaking or Turning Orange

No need to worry about streaking or that "orange
glow", mystic tan works with your skin's natural color to give a bronze
glow just one shade darker than your natural skin color.

Completely Private Setting

Mystic Tan is applied in a completely private setting
that contains three separate jets that move to give you an even application
of the Mystic Tan spray.  The Mystic Tan Spray features a proprietary
blend of Paraben-Free ingredients that work with the protein in your skin to
give you a natural glow. The use of Aloe Vera and added antioxidants such as
Green Tea extract, and Acai help to protect your cells against damaging free
radicals.  Tanners receive a natural, well-rounded tan through our
Magnetan Technology approach. Magnetan technology is Mystic’s distinct process
which sets it apart from all other spray tan practices. It uses the body’s
magnetic properties to attract the Mystic Tan formulation to the skin’s
surface. The tanning myst passes through the 3 jets in a transparent form, and
reacts upon contact with the skin’s surface to produce a well-rounded, even

If you are worried about sensitive skin or an alergic
reaction to the Mystic Tan Myst, feel free to come in and we can apply a small
test patch to your skin to see how you will do.  We also provide an
informational video we like all new Mystic Tanners to watch before the first

Mystic Tan FAQ's

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