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Sun City Product Line

Sun City offers a wide variety of the finest tanning lotions for all skin types and tones. The use of a lotion can help to enhance your golden tan while leaving your skin completely moisturized and healthy-looking. Using a good moisturizer after tanning can help your tan last longer as well.

Our Brands
We carry multiple lotion brands such as Designer Skin, Australian Gold, Supre, California Tan, Fiesta Sun, and Swedish Beauty. Sun City Tanning salons offers customers an assortment of products for all different skin types. Using tanning products can provide nutrition for the skin and keep it healthy-looking and moisturized. Any of our line of tanning products offer ultimate skin nourishment through the use of advanced skincare ingredients that lead to beautiful, bronze, moisturized skin.

How Tanning Lotions Work
All of our lotions are considered premium lotions for indoor tanning. They help to accelerate the tanning process, allowing more UV rays to penetrate the skin. They also act as an extreme moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and nourished. When applied, the moisturizer makes your skin more translucent, causing the UV rays to penetrate the skin deeply, not just on the surface. Therefore, your skin will become much tanner and maintain the tan for a longer period of time.

All of our lotions also contain anti-aging ingredients to protect your skin. Using a lotion helps maintain the health of your skin and keeps it looking youthful and radiant.

Our bronzing lotions are used to enhance your natural tan while developing an even deeper tan through added self-tanners. With bronzing lotions, you gain all of the sun you obtain in a tanning bed or stand up booth, plus some extra color from the self-tanner additives.

The lotions and accessories we offer are very effective and help to enhance your tanning experience. When you use a lotion during a tanning session, it allows your skin to tan better, faster, and deeper, producing darker bronzing effects.

Our staff is trained to help you select a lotion or intensifier to suit your skin type and tanning goals. Stop in at either our Indiana salon or our Johnstown salon to browse our huge collection of tanning skin care products.